El-Aref International Law Office adopts a risk-management approach to avoid work-related disputes and to preempt litigation or grievances, which are costly to defend and consume valuable time, resources and energy.

Our lawyers work closely with employers during all phases of the employer/employee relationship, from recruitment to termination, in order to develop practical employment policies and procedures that comply with the law and diminish the risk of employment disputes.

El-Aref International Law Office provides an unmatched range of labor, employment and benefits services to management clients. We deal with the defense of complex class actions, yet remain flexible enough to move efficiently and quickly, thus enabling us to serve the needs of multinationals as well as small businesses.

Our lawyers provide their clients with strategic guidance that stresses best practices, prevention and compliance.

The main objective of employment and labor dispute practice is to provide outstanding economical and ethical service to solve our clients’ workplace legal issues.

The attorneys in the office, practicing in employment law, offer comprehensive counseling, human resource consulting, and litigation services.

We assist our clients in identifying employment issues, avoiding potential workplace problems and quickly resolving employment relationship issues consistent with specific business goals and core values.