With a strong understanding of the issues and trends related to commercial globalization, we advise on the regulation of international trade in goods and services. El-Aref International Law Office represents corporations of all sizes across many industries.

The International Trade practice of El-Aref International Law Office represents U.S., European and International companies with respect to international trade policy and compliance matters.
El-Aref International Law Office provided trade advice to a broad spectrum of clients, including basic manufacturing companies, high-technology companies, pharmaceutical companies, energy companies.


El-Aref International Law Office international trade attorneys have broad experience in matters involving U.S. export controls, economic sanctions and antiboycott requirements. We regularly advise U.S. and international companies in virtually all sectors of the economy, including companies in the oil and gas industry, media and entertainment, healthcare, software and high-technology companies, telecommunications companies, energy companies and financial institutions (including private equity funds).


Working alongside our clients, the team advises legal strategies taking into account specific business goals and latest industry developments.

The Firm also provide guidance in the face of unfair trade practices, or products that infringe on Lebanese intellectual property rights. We also analyze the potential for import trade cases to impact an industry and its member companies.

El-Aref International Law Office is well-positioned to respond to cross-border dispute matters wherever they arise. Our attorneys possess extensive experience in customs and intellectual property infringement cases as well as export control regulations involving a broad range of goods and services.

Regardless of their location or industry, El-Aref International Law Office’s clients benefit from the office’s multilingual capabilities and extensive experience with the established institutions, rules and regulations that govern international arbitration.

The attorneys in El-Aref International Law Office provide local litigation services in most offices, or through the coordinated representation of a client’s interest in court, by retaining a locally-licensed advocate in those locales and jurisdictions where we may be prohibited from directly delivering legal services.