As the worldwide marketplace grows, providing as many new challenges as opportunities, boundary transactions have increased, and competition law has proliferated.

Regulation governing business practices and Mergers & Acquisitions has expanded around the world. Corporations are now subject to competition regulations in many jurisdictions at once.

Increasingly, injunctions and compliance orders require mandatory changes of business practice, necessitating potentially disruptive adjustments on the part of corporations.

Our international law practice represents clients in litigation involving attempts to enjoin, or recover damages for, alleged anticompetitive conduct. It also provides  counsel to clients on pricing, sales, and distribution practices as well as on major corporate mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures.

Our work is characterized by the diversity of industries we serve, from high-tech, information services to basic industries alike, through the incorporation of increasingly sophisticated economic analysis, through our extensive experience in international trust matters involving patents and other intellectual property; and thanks to our lawyers’ ability to prepare and  try even the largest,  most complex cases.

At El-Aref Law Office, our attorneys and partners around the world understand that your legal strategies must be well coordinated.

We advise on corporate regulatory and tax issues and provide insight on potential implications.

We ensure the compliance of your transactions in multiple jurisdictions, protecting your interests throughout.

El-Aref Law Office provides assistance in ensuring your suppliers or competitors are not engaged in anti-competitive behaviour that would adversely affect your business.

Our team enables our clients to efficiently achieve full conformity of business policy with WTO standards and  international law.